UI & Web Design


Go Outreach


UI Designer, Junior Developer


May 2021 - Feb 2022


UI Design, Design System, Wireframes, Programming (HTML, CSS, Elm)


Building relations is the one inseparable and essential part of the business. Go-Outreach is a platform allowing to send sales and marketing campaigns through multiple channels to a large number of prospects at once while still keeping the messages personalised. The tool facilitates lead generation through actions like automated follow ups and behaviour based campaigns. It has an integrated data base which supports CSV import and powerful sequence editor.

The challenge

The main idea behind app was to compare the tools made by competitors, see where there is room for improvement and then iterate from there.

As a UI Designer / Junior Developer, I was responsible for:

translating brief and user requirements into design

choosing colour scheme and typography based on research

designing user interface components

creating design system

designing and deploying landing page

taking care of accessibility standards and monitoring website performance

executing some of the designs with code

The solution


Working hand in hand with the product manager and the developer to provide the solutions


Being part of the engineering team gave me a better understanding of the constraints that I needed to design with


We chose the tools that make us more productive and effective: 

Notion for project management

Figma for Wireframing + Design

Code Editors of choice

Sending times editor

A feature that allows users to set custom time slots within which the emails in the campaign will be send

Mapping the prospects

Gamification of mapping data by using drag and drop interaction drives users engagement and makes the experience more enjoyable


Working both as a designer and a developer helped me understand web applications better and encouraged me to make smarter design decisions.